Wednesday, March 09, 2005

-Happy Birthday-

Today is my brother Neal's birthday. Happy Birthday Neal. Neal is currently living in Montreal attending Dawson College, he is enrolled in the Professional Photography Course. Neal has always had a special talent for photography and seems to be truley enjoying himself back in school. If I get a chance I will scan some of the photos he has given us and you will see what I mean.
Other news:
Keir is a little sick this week, a runny nose, but he did go and meet (with Jen) everyone at his home daycare. He will be starting his daycare tomorrow (thursday). Both Jen and I know that he will love it. Keir is an amazingly social little boy. I am not sure where he gets it from, both Jen and I are pretty quite people. This makes me think more and more that you really do come into this world with a clean slate. Is behaviour really all learned or are you just the way you are because you were "born that way"? I don't know but like with all thigns the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle.

Now for the begging portiton of the update...
Could someone please click one of the "Google Adds" on the sidebar, you may or may not have noticed them. I just have to see if they work. They won't be anything bad, they might even be helpful.

That is all for now.
Take Care


Pascale said...

hey Ewan - I clicked on the google ads and none of them worked...
hope that was helpful!

Neil said...

Hello Ewan
I clicked on the and it worked.
The trial they offer seems to be pretty handy compared with the blogger approach? Im taking it for 31 days trial then wait to see how it works... thanks!