Monday, January 31, 2005

-Weekend Fun-
Had lots of fun this weekend. Got to go out for a skate on the Rideau Canal. We went out on Sunday it was a beautiful day, the canal was very busy as it was the first nice weekend we have had in a while. The Canal was in great condition.
Here are some pics from the skate on the canal:
(click on the pic for a larger view)
<- Jen and Keir
<- This is what Keir did for the whole skate (sleep!).

After the skate we went to a nearby pub for lunch. At lunch Keir learned a new trick. Drinking his dad's water from a straw, he was very pleased with himself. Keir was great in the pub, he just sat and watched as many people as he could. He must get that from me!
We also had a little drawing time in the afternoon. Here are some pics form Keir learning how to use crayons:
(click on the pic for a larger view)
<- Drawing 1
<- Drawing 2
<- Drawing 3
Had some good food also, did a roast chicken on Sunday and a Roast Pork Loin on Saturday for my parents.
That is all for now

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