Monday, March 07, 2011

Camp Night

This past weekend we had some really wild weather, on saturday there was 15mm of rain and then over night it turned to 10cm of snow. Only problem with this was Keir was supposed to go on a overnight camping trip with his Beaver/Scout group. With the 15mm of rain  we put the kibosh on that so we improvised and camped out in our family room. We set the tent up and put out our sleeping bags.
Here is the tent set up in the "spacious" family room:

Here are the "neatly" set up sleeping bags:IMG_2402
Keir playing in his sleeping bag:
What do you do when  you go camping? Have a campfire of course, here is Keir and his "big fire" (in case you are unclear were the fire actually is, it is the pile of stuff on top of my brown slippers):

Isla even joined us for the camping,
If you look real close at the previous picture you can see that the tent played some weird tricks on her hair. It must have been some serious static, here is a closeup of the crazy hair:
I am glad to say that we survived the night in the "wilds" of the family room, we were not eaten by any bears, mountain lions, or mosquitoes.
Here is a picture of the early at the camp site:
I guess that is what you call making the best out of a bad situation.
That is all for now
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