Thursday, February 10, 2011

Something Different

I had a chance to run somewhere different (for me) today. I had to get my car e-tested(waste of 35$ that was) but I took the opportunity to run down to the part of the Rideau Canal took about 30min to run there from the dealership but  well worth it. In the summer it is a proper functioning canal but in the winter (here in Canada) the ice the sucker up. The canal is billed as the worlds longest skating rink (they even have a Winter Triathalon on it> see Dev's race report). Anyhow took a couple of pics for fun, it was very cold but nice and sunny:
Here is the start of the part of the canal where you can run (this is looking back at my Alma mater, the pic is of the second set of locks that gets you down from the River higher up:
These were interesting pics, they have put up "art" portraits on the supporting columns (for the road above):
Here is Joni Mitchell (note the dark grey on the column is the normal water line in the summer):

Here is the end of the run coming back up to the river above the lock system in the first picture.

Anyways, turned into a 1hr 20min run, much better than waiting at the dealership or driving in the shuttle!


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