Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Go to the Google

This could be classified under "kids say the darndest things" 
Keir and I where in the kitchen and he said to me: "Dad do I have a popular name?"
I said: "Not really, you have a very unique name, which means not many people have the same name as you"
To which Keir replied: "Can we go to the computer and the google and search for any more Keirs?"
I really couldn't stop laughing for 5mins....
But in honor of Keir I went to the Google and did a little searching
a straight "Keir Hardie" google search comes back with the obvious

pic here
Keir Hardie was the founder of the Labour party in Britain

The next search for just Keir shows up an actor named Keir Dullea, who played  the the astronaut David Bowmen in 2001: A Space Odyssey 

So there you go Keir, there are a couple of other people named Keir


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