Monday, April 05, 2010

Happy Easter!

This past weekend was Easter weekend, which meant I got a four day weekend and Keir also had the friday and monday off school. We are having unusually warm weather here, I think it got close to 30 on Friday!!! We had a great weekend with lots of Chocolate of course!
On sunday we were at Jen's parents place and were playing around with some bubbles. It was a really windy day so the bubbles would blow themselves just by holding the bubble wand up to the wind.
Here are a couple of my favorite pics from the bubbles:
Isla and Jen blowing the bubbles (and yes Isla is in a "Fancy Nancy" too-too):

The kids wanted to chase the bubbles, here is Keir in full flight after the bubbles:

And here is a close up of Keir chasing the bubbles,I like to focus in his eyes:

Off to get more chocolate!

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