Sunday, February 07, 2010


What a blast, as some of you may know I have done a _LOT_ of skiing in my life, but today was the MOST fun I have ever had on skis. I took skiing at Calabogie Peaks which is a little over an hour away. Keir's friends Peter and Charlie were going skiing with their family and we were invited along. The day started with a 1hr private lesson and then we skied together for the rest of the day. By the end of his hour long lesson Keir was getting the hang of things and was actually even turning!

on the magic carpet

After his lesson we had a lunch then it was back on to the hill with Peter, I put my skis on and went skiing with Keir and Peter
Riding the carpet:

Peter up further:

After a couple runs on the small hill it was up to the big lift and the big hill
Waiting in line for the lift:

Riding on the lift

Peter and Keir on the hill

The view from the top of the mountain

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