Sunday, December 06, 2009

Xmas Tree

It was the the annual "Go cut the Xmas Tree Trip" today. It was a little weird as we don't have any snow on the ground yet (and it is December 6th). Reviewing the pictures it looks like there is something wrong with the pics with no snow on the ground.
We go to a tree farm 10mins away, it is really good, they have tractor rides, hot chocolate and cookies. This year there was also horse pulled rides. Isla and Jen went for a ride with the horse while the "men" brought the tree back.
Here they are setting off on their ride:

Walking down the rows of trees to try and find the perfect tree:

Isla lost in the trees:

More Isla in the trees

We have found the tree, time to cut:

Watching patiently:

Keir pretending to be a Lumberjack:

I am happy to report the tree is up in the house, but not yet decorated. We will do that on Friday the 11th (Jen's birthday)

That is all for now

Take care

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