Monday, May 18, 2009

Long Time no Post!

Yes it has been a while, but that is because things have been busy in the Hardie House!
Jen is at night school two nights a week doing her university level Chemistry course. And when she isn't at school she is studying. Good news is she is down to her last two classes, an sumative lab and the final exam! It has been a lot of hard work but she has been doing extremely well!
I have been training for another marathon (the NCM in Ottawa) and that envolves running a LOT. If I can just stay healthy (no colds etc, which is easier said than done with a 5yr old and 1.75yr old in the house) leading up to the race, I should have a pretty good race as I have put the more mileage in during this years build up compared to previous years.
Keir is doing great, he is really enjoying school and has made lots of new friends. He will have a busy summer, with soccer and swimming lessons but that will mean he will just sleep better a night :-)
Here is a picture of Keir at his "graduation" ceremony from Senior Kindergarten:

Isla is doing great as well, she is really developing her personality. She is turning into a real clown, she loves making people laugh. She also loves her big bother and follows him everywhere he goes (much to his chagrin sometimes). Here she is trying to make us laugh by putting on as many clothes as possible (including winter mitts 2 sizes to small, and her summer hat from last year!)
That is all for now

Take care 

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