Sunday, December 07, 2008

Hardie Family Xmas Tree 2008

This Sunday we went out to a tree farm to get our Xmas tree. We were a bit worried about the weather and Isla, but everything turned out OK. Just as we were leaving the wind started to pick up so I guess we timed it very well.
Here are the pics from the family outing.

We started off with a tractor ride out to the field. Then it was time to find the "Hardie Family Xmas Tree". Here is Keir with his two choices (the ones that just happened to be the closest!)

Isla was bundled up and on my back, she is peering over making sure we choose the best tree.

Here is Jenny narrowing down our choices....

Jenny has found it, it is the one over Jen's right shoulder:

Once the tree is found the cutting commences:

"Helpful Keir":

Isla smiling in the backpack:

The final few saw strokes:

We will post some pics of the final product once it is up.

That is all for now

Take care


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