Thursday, September 18, 2008

Keir's FIrst Day of School

Well it finally happened, Keir had his first day of school. On Wednesday the 8th of September Keir started Senior Kindergarten at Manotick Public School. He only goes to school half the day, from 12:15 to 3, but he does go 5 days a week.
The first week was a staggered entrance, meaning he only went wednesday and friday but he is now going 5 days a week.
Keir is in French Immersion, it shouldn't be a nig problem for him because his old day care was all in french and he managed fine there.
He seems to really be enjoying school, they get to paint, read, and play... what is not to like ;-)
He has met some new friends so that is good. The funny thing is the boy he talks the most about is named Ewen! It is rare to find another Ewen (even if it is spelled wrong :-)

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Neal said...

Keir looks so cute if not a little bit scared (??) He certainly looks a lot more stylish than our first days... short shorts, big white socks and bed head anyone!!
See you soon