Sunday, November 11, 2007


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OK, big news. The Hardie family has bought a new home! The house is on Long Island in Manotick (which is all part of Ottawa). The picture above shows the sold house on the for sale sign (not very well mind you). Jen and I are very very excited. Manotick is a wonderful place to raise a family, it has a small town feel but is only five minutes away from all the big city amenities. Keir will be able to walk to school and my work is a five minute walk away as well.
The house was built in 1970 so it is an older house, but the previous owners have kept it in good shape. We will do some projects to make the house our own.

Take a tour here
We had a great Real Estate agent, now if I could just remember her name...., who did all the work (and worrying for us)
We don't take possession until Late June, now we just have to sell our house!


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Pasc and Mark said...

Congratulations, you guys! The place looks fantastic, and what a lovely area to live in - I always liked Manotick.