Wednesday, March 14, 2007

That is too Fancy

Still slacking in the update department, but here goes:
This past weekend Keir went to his first dentist appointment. He was a little scared at first but by the end was pretty relaxed. It was a basic checkup were they counted his teeth (10 on top 10 on the bottom) and apparently braces might be in his future( I can hear the orthodontists cheering already). He is going back for his cleaning in two weeks time.

I thought I would also start to capture some of the funny/weird things Keir says, cause he is really coming up with some funny things.
This morning I was getting him dressed for daycare and tried to put a raincoat on him and he said " That jacket is too fancy, I don't want to wear it" A regular fashion critic!

That is all for now
Take care


phyllis said...

Sounds just like his at that age- I remember hearing the exact words

Pasc and Mark said...

Oh goody! I love it when kids say funny things - its amazing how honest they are and how observant. But sometimes, they're just plain funny. Please keep us updated!

And if Keir has any fashion advice for Will and Owen, they're all ears. "Tell me honestly. Does this diaper make me look fat?"

Take care!
Pascale xx