Thursday, August 10, 2006


Well i realized that I haven't actually written anything in here for a while. Lots of pics but no writting. So let's fix that. Everyone is doing well, Keir is on summer holidays from his daycare. The daycare closes down for July and August. SO Gran Hardie has filled in admirably for the month of July and now Gran Herrington is watching Keir for two weeks and then Jen and I will be on holidays. Summer here has been Very Hot! As a result we have been trying to get up to the cottage as much as possible. Keir loves it at the cottage and really likes in the water. He is "swimmming" (with a life jacket) without any assitance for short distances(see the pic).

Keir is also very verbal now and is talking in sentances and has no problem telling us what he is thinking!
Both Jen and I are looking forward to our time off at the end of the month and getting to spend some time togther as a family.
That is all for now
Take care

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