Sunday, October 16, 2005

-been a while-

Well it has been a while since I have written anything. We have been very busy. In order here is what has been happening in our lives:
We found a new day care for Keir, Keir really enjoyed his first two days at day care, Keir got sick, (really sick) Mum and Dad got frustrated with the health care system, Dad ran a marathon, family eats a turkey, Keir got better, Keir got worse, Mum and Dad got really frustrated with the health care system, made a trip to the Emergency room, Dad gets sic, Mum gets sick, Keir gets better.
That sort off sums up the last two weeks.
Keir was sick with a viral infection, the frustrating part was trying to get someone (anyone) to look at Keir. We tried Keir's doctor, walk in clinics, with no luck and finally we had to go to the emergency room to get a doctor to see Keir. And they say Canada has a Great Health system, yeah right!
I also ran a marathon some where in there, probably not the smartest thing looking back, but I really wanted to run. The marathon went very well for the first 21km but my stomach shut down after that and I couldn't absorb any nutrition after that so my body shut down soon after. I had to run walk the last 10km and ended up 20mins slower on my second lap! Overall I finished 3mins slower than last year (same race) but 18th overall and third in my age group, so I actually got some cool prizes which was a surprise.
Here is me at the finish line in some SERIOUS PAIN
I missed my goal time and wasn't pleased with the last 15km of the race but it was a good learning experience.
The bug has worked it's way through Keir and he is much better, it working it's way through Jen and myself so the Hardie family should be back to full health before you know it.
That is all for now
Take care

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