Sunday, August 14, 2005


Here is my saturday . Actually it was just my saturaday morning. I went for a run, for those of you who run, you should click on the link and check out the running distance tool that works with Google Map. This tools is awesome! So apprently I ran a shade under 30km and burned 2436.15457634437 calories! The tool tracks mileage markers, and with the satellite imagery you can really get a pretty acurate route.
I have been trying to up my running mileage this past week to get ready for a Fall Marathon, I have managed to run every day this week starting monday and my plan is to go every day this week also (I may have a rest day in there, we will see how my body holds up. Including today(Sunday) I have ran 12hrs and somewhere between 120-140kms.
That is all for now
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